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Solid Carbide Tool Manufacturing

Tylls Tools adopts the internationally advanced manufacturing technology and equipment. It uses high-quality ultra-fine carbide substrates worldwide and uses international leading nano-composite coating technology to design and manufacture various high-end performance to customers.

Non-standard customization

Tylls Tools provides complete solutions and pre-sales and after-sales technical services based on customer-specific products or specific processing, which in order to solve processing problems for customers. Focus on providing solid carbide non-standard tools and full process customization services, pursuit of customer satisfaction

Tool grinding services

Tylls Tools provides customers with cost-effective regrinding services,  while providing other brands of tool regrind services. The machining range includes milling cutters, drill bits, reamers and complex non-standard tools. Tylls Tools has a professional testing equipment Zoller G3; the grinding tool lifespan can reach 70%-90% of the new tool life.

R&D, design and manufacturing integration to create exclusive products

Digital production, the pursuit of the ultimate


Quickly customize the tool fit for you

  • Information gathering
  • Formulate a scheme
  • Tool proofing
  • On-site service
  • Confirmation scheme
  • Volume production






Tylls Tools:   Make China's stable quality tools


Tylls Tools specializes in non-standard tools for 18 years, which has a professional R & D team, introduces German advanced production and testing equipment, uses paperless office and digital management, the consistency of tool production to be the ultimate, is the customer-selected tool brand.


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