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Tylls Tools Company is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and grinding of solid carbide drills and milling cutters made of special materials.

Tylls Tools Company is national high-tech enterprise. The Company adopts the international advanced manufacturing technology and has successively introduced the international advanced five-axis numerical control cutting tool processing center and the specialized cutting tool tester. The Company selects high-quality ultra-fine hard alloy matrix from around the world and use the international leading nano-composite coating technology. The Company attracts talents and meticulously develops a high-quality technical team. We independently develop and implement a special ERP system-Tylls Tools Log. Based on advanced manufacturing technology, excellent research and development capability, professional management and paperless production, we can quickly design and manufacture various high-performance tools for customers.

Guided by the spirit of "Achieving Goals and Doing Better", we strive to continuously improve the quality, applicability and value of products and services provided to customers to repay customers' love and trust for us.

Honors and Qualifications:
National High-Tech Enterprise Certification
Certificates in Environment Management System, Occupation Health and Safety Management System and Quality Management System from Quality Assurance Centre of China Association for Quality (CAQ)
Multiple Certificates of National Utility Model Patent
Certificate of " Group Member" of China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association
“Excellent Supplier” awarded by Kingdream Public Limited Company

We aim at "providing high-quality products and services to customers" and form the core competitiveness of enterprises from the following four aspects:

  • Continuous and dedicated product research and development
  • Completed technical standards and specifications
  • 3.0 Production model
  • Proactive and considerate customer service

Customized products, considerate service and goal achievement