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Tool grinding
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Tool grinding services:


Tylls Tools provides customers with cost-effective regrinding services, reducing customer processing costs, while providing other brands of tool regrind services.


1) The value of tool repeat service

The new tool is costly and belongs to the consumables in machining. Through the regrinding service of the tool, the use value of the tool can be maximized and the processing cost can be greatly reduced.


2) Tool regrinding service range

The processing range of tool regrinding service includes milling cutters, drill bits, reamers and complex non-standard tools etc..


3) Advanced grinding equipment

Imported five-axis CNC tool grinding machine with a wide range of grinding;


4) Advanced testing equipment

With the professional tool testing equipment Zoller G3, to ensure the accuracy of the critical dimensions of the grinding tool;


5) Professional grinding technology

With many years of experience in re-grinding tools, Tylls Tools has accumulated rich experience in grinding and has developed relevant grinding technology standards to provide the best grinding proposals. The life of the grinding tool can reach 70%-90% of the life of the new tool.






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